Tax Compliance Services

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HANS provide all kinds of tax related services including tax preparation and tax consulting. Our tax outsourcing services consist of a well-defined working for CPA firms, Tax service providers and small and medium business enterprise to handle their tax compliance obligations and deadlines.

HANS have considerable experience in all kinds of tax preparation and reporting. We use widely accepted tax software’s so that the CPA and Tax service providers are assured of secured and quality delivery of work.

HANS have a well-trained and qualified team in the preparation of tax returns. We adopt of on-going training and updating of knowledge not only in statutory laws but in all the tax software’s.

HANS have experience in Individual tax preparation and Business tax preparation services.

  • Individuals tax preparation
  • Corporations tax preparation
  • Partnerships tax preparation
  • Payroll Reports
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Quarterly and Annual Tax Reports
  • Employee deductions
  • Compliance and Statutory Filings

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  • Nextgen Solutions
  • Caliber IT Solutions
  • Metrix IT Solutions